About Gunner Hawkins


Before every feeding, Gunner takes 2 enzymes capsules with applesauce. (5-10 minutes)

Gunner must get at least 3 bottle feedings each day to supplement breast milk. Each bottle feeding includes extra formula, rice, and salt.

8:00am    Breathing Treatment with Nebulizer (30-45 minutes)

8:45am    Airway Clearance (25 minutes)

1:00pm    Intestinal reflux medication with applesauce (5-10 minutes)

5:00pm    First Round of Vitamins with rice cereal (5-10 minutes) before feeding

8:00pm    Breathing Treatment with Nebulizer (30-45 minutes)

8:45pm    Airway Clearance (25 minutes)

9:10pm    Second and Third Round of Vitamins with rice cereal (5-10 minutes)      before feeding


Gunner’s Daily CF Routine

Gunner James Hawkins

8 1/2 Months

January 30, 2009

Jonathan Hawkins, Public School Teacher

Kristan Hawkins, Director of A Pro-life Organization (www.studentsforlife.org) 

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Gunner loves to watch “Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse” during his breathing treatments.


Gunner loves to listen to any music his Mamma and Daddy listen too. He especially loves to listen to it in the car. During his daily breathing treatments, Gunner loves to listen to the musical “Rock’n’Roll Bunny.”


Gunner loves to have any book with pictures read to him.


Gunner drinks breastmilk and formula milk. He also eats applesauce with his pancreatic enzymes and rice cereal with his vitamins. Gunner just starting eating solid foods in July. Beef and Sweet Potatoes with butter (to help him gain weight) are his favorites.  For dessert he loves bananas and pears!


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