Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is considered one of the most promising areas of medicine, precisely because of the high demands on the part of patients, all new methods are being developed to restore the perfect shape, function, and aesthetics of teeth.

So, dentistry in Shchelkovo is often treated with complaints about incorrectly standing teeth or insufficiently perfect appearance of the dentition. The most effective treatment for bite correction in adulthood has been the use of braces. Small metal (and in recent years, ceramic or composite) products are attached to the vestibular or oral side of the crown. Corrective rubber bands or thin pieces of wire are fixed on them, and they put pressure on the teeth that need to be moved. Amazing results can be achieved within 1-1.5 years.

Insufficient whiteness of the enamel causes no less concern for patients. Previously used techniques were unsafe, therefore, developments were carried out in the direction of creating such compositions for influencing the enamel that would not weaken it. And there are such gels now, they contain substances that painlessly remove soft and hard deposits on the surface of the teeth. After cleaning, they, with the help of active oxygen, act on the enamel itself, it becomes whiter by several shades. If you take proper care of the treated teeth, they will retain their health and whiteness for a long time. For more details, come visit ohora nails review

Aesthetic dentistry has one more goal – the restoration of the shape and beauty of the tooth after its damage. In most cases, treatment is limited to filling the canals and the tooth itself, however, if the crown is destroyed by more than half, it is necessary to use other technologies. Previously, doctors could only offer prosthetics, but now there is such a method as fixing veneers. These are the thinnest plates made in the laboratory individually for each patient. They are so perfect that after the completion of the treatment, it is impossible to distinguish a healthy tooth from a tooth covered with veneer, even with special lighting.

Prosthetics using ceramics and cermets also deserves special attention. Especially when you consider that artificial crowns can cover the stumps of implants, which are installed in place of the roots of the extracted teeth. This means that even if it was not possible to save a tooth, it can be restored using implantation technology with subsequent prosthetics.

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