Natural treatment is also available for tooth decay treatment and gum skin treatments

Just before tooth extraction, we will tell you about the final practice. This is not a 100% complete first aid method. However, it is much better to preserve the teeth if there is at least a 1% possibility that the teeth are not removed when the teeth are very rotten or the periodontitis is severe and the teeth need to be extracted. If your teeth are too badly rotted, there will be little chance of preserving your teeth. However, if you can not subtract it all the time, you should apply the method of not subtracting it. Once again, it is true that if doctors tell you that teeth should be extracted, it is unlikely that the teeth will be removed and preserved.

But I want to tell you not to extract your teeth right away, even if your doctor has diagnosed you that you should. Some dentists diagnose that even one out of 10 or one out of 100 can be preserved. Of course, even if the doctor’s diagnosis is not 100% accurate, if the dentist said that it is not necessary to remove the teeth, there will be a method of preservation. is.

Still, if the dentist did not give up his teeth and decided to do conservative treatment, there is some hope that he would not have to remove his teeth. Then it is of utmost importance to follow your dentist’s instructions thoroughly. The reason I say that you should preserve it without plucking it if possible is that the preservation of teeth is incomparably the most important. Natural teeth must be preserved to maintain our daily health.

Many people do not realize the importance of natural teeth. But can you reduce the importance of a tooth by extracting a single tooth? It doesn’t seem to be the case. Of course, the situation in which one tooth that has always been in my body is lost may be very upsetting, but many people end up being upset. If you’ve ever had the risk of losing one tooth, or after you’ve extracted a tooth or two, you need to take a lot more thorough dental care, but it’s not.

I will tell you the secret why the natural teeth I originally had are important. When a tooth is lost, it is difficult to chew the food eaten properly. That’s why food enters the body and it starts to be difficult to digest. It is not that digestion is not done once or twice, but from the moment it is lost, it continues to be difficult to digest. When it comes to digestion, it’s the same as saying that the body is not well fed. Therefore, the loss of teeth is something like promoting aging. The word accelerated aging means that you get old quickly. Someone in the world would like to get old quickly. There will be no one. We may be neglecting dental care because we don’t know that teeth are directly related to aging.

character! Then we’ll show you how to increase your chances of preserving them in situations where you need to pull them.

  1. If your dentist tells you that you need to extract a tooth, you should go to at least three more dentists and listen to the other dentist, instead of going to the same dentist. The rest of the doctors may say that they should be pulled out, but if possible, don’t give up until the end. One in 10 people may disagree with treatment.
  2. Airtight is a serious disease that can cause massive loss of teeth for no reason. But, very strangely, no one seems to know exactly what caused the taste. Right now, doctors aren’t sure if they’re trying to figure out the exact cause of the taste, but there are still much more likely to know. Airtightness is a disease in which teeth shake and fall out for no reason.

There are patients whose teeth have been preserved intact among the patients who expected their teeth to be severely shaken and will surely fall out. It even restores the health of the teeth to the point that the teeth that have been shaken are perfectly firmly fixed to the gums.

I’ve seen several people like that. If several people have been cured of Pungchi, it means that there is a possibility that everyone who reads this article can be cured. Never give up. It may be simpler than you think to cure the wind. When the condition of knowing accurate information is met, the taste will be cured. Many people have healed the taste and applied the information as it is, but some have been treated by luckily taking actions that are suitable for the treatment of taste without any information. It is amazing to see such people. Poongchi is not a disease in which one or two teeth are lost. If you’re really bad luck, your entire tooth may fall out. I think the value of one tooth is at least 30 million won, but for 24 teeth, it is 720 million won. Even if you don’t think it’s 30 million won, if you make the dentures up and down, you can calculate about 3 million won, which means that those who are lucky enough to have a cure saved 3 million won.

Recently, while making dentures for my mother, when I looked at the condition of the gums, there were signs and initial symptoms of taste. I think that it is necessary to cure the taste of the mother so that the taste does not occur. However, if you are looking for the best dentist in the United States, please visit dixieland dental in Dothan AL

  1. Throw away stereotypes about dental care. The idea that brushing must be done with toothpaste is a stereotype. Rather, I insist on throwing away toothpaste. The part about using toothpaste doesn’t seem to be the right answer, but toothpaste is not the right answer for brushing your teeth. Because of the chemicals contained in the toothpaste, there is a possibility that the health of the teeth may be harmed and the chemical components are absorbed by the body. I recommend using salt instead of toothpaste. You should use sea salt, not purified salt. Do not brush your teeth with the sea salt crystals in your mouth, but try brushing your teeth with saltwater.

Saltwater brushing eliminates several gum diseases. If there is always bleeding from your gums when brushing your teeth, the bleeding will go away as soon as you brush with saltwater.

If you have gum disease, you don’t even need to go to the hospital. If you brush your teeth with saltwater and brush your teeth even a little more carefully, the gum disease will disappear within 3 days. Is it a bonus that even the smell of gums disappears? It’s been 3 years since I threw away toothpaste. Since 3 years ago, I didn’t use toothpaste at all, but only salt water and the smell of toothpaste is disgusting.

  1. This should be preserved as far as possible. When I went to the dentist and took an x-ray, it said that my teeth were rotten. The doctor will show you the film and explain that the teeth are so rotten, and will put a dental drill in my teeth without asking me if I should treat it of course. But please refuse to remove the teeth. Of course, you might think that you have to cut out the rotten area and make an inlay or crown, but in some cases, you don’t need treatment. This means that there are times when you don’t need to remove the rotten area. If the tooth decay is so severe that there are few remaining areas of enamel and dentin, treatment should be done immediately, but if this is not the case, you can postpone tooth removal.

If you have some cavities, don’t even think about treatment. If you brush your teeth harder from the day you know you have cavities, there is a lot of chance that the cavities will recover. There is a 50% or more chance that even if the caries are a bit severe and you have pain, you will not need to remove them. It is much better not to delete it if possible. Unthinking, teeth are living tissue. It doesn’t recover as quickly as flesh, but teeth also recover. There are conditions. You must brush your teeth harder and brush your teeth with salt water, not toothpaste. Hard brine brushing will at least prevent tooth decay anymore. You can even have a wonderful experience in which tooth decay even heals naturally.