Can a Fitness Tracker Improve Your Heart Health?

Exercise is good for the heart and good for us. How much physical activity are you getting? How can you increase your physical activity day after day to improve your heart health and overall well-being? You may be able to use a fitness tracker.

Studies show that consistent use of a fitness tracking device (a device that tracks movement, such as a traditional pedometer, another wearable device, or a smartphone application) can increase your daily steps. This is especially true if your goal is to improve your heart health.

“Fitness tracking is a great tool for improving your heart health,” say experts. “Being healthier and changing your habits is important, but it can be difficult.” With a clear goal in mind, tracking is likely to help many people.

Experts believe that having objective daily tracking can help people to see how much exercise they’re getting. It can also be an opportunity for them to reset their mindsets and find an incentive. You can find ways to get more activity in your day. This could be walking to work, walking during meetings and personal calls, or taking the stairs.

Group dynamics in motivation is the most important components of exercise and many people also love to post their activity on social media. Many apps for fitness trackers encourage linking up with other local fitness trackers, creating workout groups, and hosting challenges.

“It gives people data and empowers them to start making changes in heart health. And often, their activity was not something that they were paying attention to before they started to track.”

Fitness trackers: what to do, where to begin and how to keep it going

Have a goal. A common goal is 10,000 steps per day. However, you can check with your doctor. If that seems too ambitious or unhealthy, your doctor will suggest an individual plan.

Find activities that you enjoy. These activities can also be integrated into your daily life and can be sustained for the long term.

Get friends and family to join you in using trackers. You can even create a sense of competition.

Be responsible. Keep track of your daily activities and give them to your doctor for review at your next visit.

A fitness tracker is a great investment. There are more options, so how do you choose? Is it worth the investment?

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3 Health benefits of fitness trackers

1. Reminding yourself to move

If you work from home, it can be difficult for you to remember to take breaks during the day to move your body. A fitness tracker may be able to assist you with this. Fitness trackers can remind you to move when you are too stationary. Studies show that even the simple act of wearing a watch can help to remind you to move. This in turn helps improve your fitness. To achieve the same effect, set an hourly reminder on your phone or computer to get up each hour.

2. Motivation

Although fitness trackers are not guaranteed to provide you with health benefits, they may be beneficial for your motivation to exercise. A review of the American Journal of Medicine in 2019 found that wearing a tracker could help boost motivation and speed up exercise, leading to weight loss. Researchers have also discovered that these effects can be especially strong when you are working towards a particular fitness goal and not simply trying to improve general health.

3. They’re great for all ages

Use a fitness tracker, no matter your age or ability. One recent study discovered that older adults are more motivated by using trackers and are more interested in ways to quantify their movements. This was even truer for those who kept the trackers on a long-term basis. This led to an increase in their activity levels.

How to choose a tracker for your fitness

What are the best ways to choose the right fitness tracker for you after reading these benefits? Many factors will determine which fitness tracker is best for you. These include how much exercise you do, what your goals are, your level of familiarity with technology, your budget and your financial situation. We have a selection of watches that are perfect for beginners and gurus.