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Benefits Of Taking Your DUI Class


DUI convictions carry the possibility that you will have to take DUI classes as part of your sentence. DUI School is an educational program designed to educate DUI offenders about the impact of alcohol on drivers, the long-term consequences, and how to avoid repeat offenses. You can take these classes from

Who Can Take DUI Classes?

Most states in the nation require DUI offenders who are convicted to attend DUI education and treatment programs. This is also commonly known as DUI School.

If you are required by the court to take DUI courses, you will need to pay for them yourself. The cost of DUI School is dependent on how long you have to take and whether you choose online or in-person treatment.

However, it is important to remember that not all DUI classes are mandatory. A DUI class can be attended by you voluntarily if your drug and/or alcohol use has already affected your daily life.

What Are The Benefits Of The Program?

A DUI school program can last from six weeks up to thirty months. The length of the program will depend on your DUI history and your BAC at the time you were arrested.

Successful completion of DUI School requires that you meet all requirements. This is usually discussed during orientation.

You can also miss a few online or face-to-face DUI classes provided you make up the difference. However, too many absences may result in your dismissal from the program. This could have serious consequences.

5 Reasons To Complete Your DUI Education Course

Here are five reasons you should finish DUI School:

1. Comply With The Probation Requirements

If you are ordered by the court to attend DUI classes, you must complete the program. DUI classes take between 12 and 30 hours for first-time offenders. This can last up to three months. Repeat offenders may need to go to DUI classes for as long as 9 or 30 months to get their license back.

2. Avoid Harsher Dui Punishments

A DUI offense that is not completed or skipped by a court-ordered judge is extremely serious. This violation of probation could lead to an arrest.

3. Avoid The Serious Consequences Of Future DUI Offenses

DUI classes strive to make it clear to their students that driving while impaired is very dangerous. Real-life situations reinforce this lesson. The program will feature personal testimony from those who have lost loved ones due to drunk driving.

Their carelessness affected nearly every aspect of their lives. The combination of their words and the realization that a DUI conviction can ruin your opportunities and haunts you for years could be enough motivation to stop driving drunk.

4. Learn How To Recognize The Signs And Symptoms Of Alcohol Abuse

DUI class will help you understand and learn more about the causes and triggers of alcohol abuse. Additionally, you will be taught not only how to identify the triggers, but also how best to avoid them, to not cause any harm to yourself or others.

5. Get Control Of Your Addiction To Make Better Decisions In Your Life

DUI education classes are designed to discourage drinking, although in a more realistic manner than you might think.

There are times when you might have to consume alcohol, at a party or on holiday. DUI classes are designed to teach responsible drinking habits. The classes expose students to all possible circumstances that could lead them to be charged with DUI. They are then taught how to make responsible decisions in each of these situations. The emphasis is on making better choices in life.



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