Tesofensine: Everything You Need To Know

Tesofensine is a potentially new weight loss medication that is currently being evaluated in clinical trials. The results of the Phase IIb clinical trials suggest that Tesofensine maybe even more effective than the two most popular weight loss pills on the market right now, Xenical and Reductil.

According to The Lancet, a well-known medical journal, people who dieted and took the highest dose of the drug for 24 weeks lost up to 12.6 percent of their body weight.

Tesofensine Action

Tesofensine for weight loss is a medication that prevents dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline from entering nerve cells again. The body feels less hungry when the central nervous system is unable to re-absorb the three neurotransmitter chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline). Patients are more likely to consume smaller meals and less likely to consume food in between meals. Tesofensine also appears to alter the sensation of pleasure from eating by altering how dopamine functions in a specific area of the brain.

Is Tesofensine Safe To Take?

In a 203-person double-blind trial, those who took the placebo lost 2% of their body weight, while those who took the real medicine fared much better. Those who took the smallest dose of 0.25 mg lost 6.5 percent of their body weight on average. Those who took the 0.5 mg dose lost 11.2 percent, while those who took the 1 mg dose lost 12.6 percent. BMI dropped by 4 points in 24 weeks in the two groups that received the most treatment.

When Patients Were Given Tesofensine, The Following Good Things Happened:

• In 14 days, people who were treated said they felt fuller and had less desire to eat.

• Significant increase in fat burning and decrease in fat tissue. The amount of fat burned in 24 hours increased by 15% while the amount of protein burned decreased. Scanning revealed a statistically significant decrease in the amount of fat tissue when compared to the placebo control group.

• Insulin sensitivity improved, leading to faster glucose metabolism. This could be an effective treatment for people at risk of developing type II diabetes.

• The amount of energy used at rest increased by 6% after 14 days when compared to the placebo control group. Tesofensine was found to be the direct cause of this increase, and all other possible causes were ruled out.

What Are Tesofensine’s Adverse Effects?

One of the primary goals of clinical trials is to ensure that a drug is safe for people to use. We don’t know what the side effects will be because the tests haven’t yet been completed. At this time, it appears that the highest dose may cause insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, and an increase in blood pressure.

Due to concerns about high blood pressure, researchers are most optimistic about the drug’s medium dose, which does not cause this specific side effect while still effectively assisting people in losing weight.

Because all medicines can have side effects, the fact that the ones listed here are well-known would not prevent this medicine from being approved as long as it provides a statistically significant clinical benefit.

Tesofensine Can Be Purchased Where?

Neurosearch, a Danish company, is still working on tesofensine improvements. They are meeting with the United States Food and Drug Administration to discuss the third stage of clinical testing. This is a good first step. However, if this drug ever makes it to the market, it will be a long time before it does. Meanwhile, depending on your circumstances, we may be able to provide you with Reductil or Xenical to aid in your weight loss.