Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Different Kinds Of Exercise Technology With Vibration Plates


Gradually vibration training is becoming more popular. The general public can now purchase vibration training machines at a lower cost. Many clients are now curious: What is the vibrating machine? What are their benefits? Which exercises can you use them for and what are the benefits?

Vibration plates are a great way for clients to change up their exercise routine. This article will help you if you are interested in obtaining a vibration plate or have access to one. We’ll be covering the basics of vibration plates, Hypervibe and some of the best exercises that vibration machines can do for clients.

What’s A Vibration Plate?

A vibration plate is an exercise piece that has a small platform that vibrates at different intensities. Vibration plates can be found in some gyms, sports training facilities, and therapy/rehabilitation centers but are also available for an individual home purchase.

The vibration plate activates additional muscles and stabilizes the body.

Vibration Plate Exercises

Although the following list does not include every vibration plate exercise, it contains some of our favorite ones.


Pushups are an upper body exercise that clients can do on a vibration plate. Clients will place their hands on a vibration plate platform and keep the wrists in line with the elbows. The client should keep their core engaged and hips down. Next, they will slowly lower their body towards the vibrating platform and flex their elbows.


The step-up vibration plate exercise is another favorite. The client will face the vibration plate. The client will then place their right foot on top of the best vibration plate. The client will not use momentum or push off the left foot. Instead, he/she will press the heel of their right foot through the platform and then step up onto it. The client will then gradually reverse the movement to get back to their starting position. The client can then continue the repetitions (reps), on either the right or alternate leg through the remainder of the set.


The client will place their forearms on top of the vibration plate and begin a plank by aligning their shoulders with the elbows. The client should keep their head and neck neutral. Their body should be straight from the top of their head to their feet. The client should engage their core muscles and keep their hips down (not too high or low). Once the vibration has started, the client can hold the plank for the required time. They will need to keep the form during the entire rep.

Bodyweight Squats

Begin bodyweight squats by placing both feet on the vibration platform. The client will position his feet slightly wider than their hips and slightly pointed outwardly with the toes pointed inwardly. Next, he or she will lower the hips and squat slowly. The client will push their heels back to get to the starting position at the bottom of the squat.

Reverse Lunge

The client will start by standing on the vibration plates and performing a reverse lunge. The client will place his right foot on the vibration plates and then step back with his left foot. The client should align the right hip, knee, and ankle so that the right foot is on the vibration plate. Next, the client should press down on the right heel to stop the movement and return to the original position. The client can do the rest of the set with either the right or alternate leg, just like the step-up.

Calf Raises

Calf raising is another exercise that can be done on the vibration plate. The vibration platform will be held by the client’s feet. The vibration plate will vibrate and the client will press down on their heels to lift the heels off the platform. To complete the desired number of reps, the client will slowly lower their heels to the original position.



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