What To Look For When Shopping For A Sex Toy?

Walking into a sex shop or browsing online might expose you to an infinite stream of vibrators, dildos, clit-suckers, and other orgasmic devices. With so many options available, deciding which toy is best for you might be difficult, especially if you’ve never purchased one before.

What features should you check for when purchasing a sex toy? We asked experts for their advice on what to put in the basket next.

Where Can I Get A Sex Toy?

When it comes to your search, both in-person and online stores have benefits. One advantage of the former is that a salesman may provide individualized recommendations.

On the other hand, the internet provides quick access to a vast collection of reviews and listings. If you want to look into cheap sex toys or just find out what the greatest of the best is, you can do it with a single Google search. If you’re overwhelmed by this abundance of information, taking it IRL (COVID-permitting) is your best choice.

Not all businesses are created equal. Buying from third-party websites such as Amazon does not ensure the authenticity of the goods. Given that the toy will be in or near your genitals, it’s critical to ensure its legitimacy.

Purchase straight from reputable vendors or sex toy manufacturers like BlissVixen. These vendors aren’t simply run by women; their personnel are also queer-friendly and informed about sex education.

What To Look For When Buying A Sex Toy?

Another significant element to consider is the material. Look for medical-grade silicone and/or ABS material in vibrators that are non-porous and hence simple to sterilize. Internal toys can also be manufactured of these materials, as well as other body-safe materials such as glass or stainless steel.

How to care for a toy is also determined by its material. Silicone lubricant, for example, will destroy silicone devices, therefore you must use a water-based or oil-based lubrication. The product handbook or internet listing will typically tell you which type is best.

To narrow down the sort of toy you want, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will this be for solo, paired, or both? Some toys state whether they may be enjoyed by two persons at the same time.
  • Will you use it in the bath or shower? Look for a toy that is submersible rather than merely water-resistant. Look for terms like “waterproof,” “totally waterproof,” and “bathtub safe.”
  • Do you intend to travel with this toy? Find one with a travel lock option so it doesn’t switch on by accident when going through airport security.
  • Do you want a USB-chargeable or battery-powered toy? Corded or wireless? Consider which option would be most convenient for you. Nothing is worse than a dead vibrator with no batteries nearby, thus I prefer USB.

Most crucial, decide what feelings you desire from a toy. “Vibrators are intricate pieces of machinery,” Expert explained, and not all vibrations are the same. Do you desire:

  • Targeted clit stimulation? You might like a smaller vibrator (or something like the Zumio, which looks like a dental flosser and isn’t my personal favorite but is excellent for focused stimulation).
  • More generalized clit stimulation? A wand vibrator might be ideal for you.
  • Suction instead of rumbles?
  • Dual internal and exterior stimulation? Try a clit-sucker.

A “bunny” vibrator/dildo combination, such as LELO’s Soraya Wave, will suffice.

You might not want any vibration at all. There are several toys, such as dildos or anal beads, that favor internal pleasure over external pleasure. Expert advises considering girth while purchasing these toys. Check toy measurements before purchase to ensure you’ll be able to use it comfortably. Check the retailer or site policy if you want a refund or exchange, or if you want to return the item.