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How Do Genealogists Help In Dealing With Misattributed Paternity?


Advancements in genetics research can have a deep impact on a person’s identity and family equations. This is where genealogists help people in tracing their ancestry and paternity testing with DNA surprises.

Misattributed Parentage

Misattributed Parentage refers to people going through DNA surprises as it affects the entire family since it is about the people you grew up with and you are also raising a family. Suddenly, the DNA surprise reveals you have a new genetic family. The consequences are enormous as we get other people calling us who are the mothers or siblings or their children.

Need of a genealogist

Genealogists are very important because you are looking for answers. They help to start fresh which is a way to reclaim your identity. You also lack the foundation to begin creating a new sense of self if you don’t know your parents or your origins.

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Non-Paternal Event

Non-Paternal Event arises due to situations where paternity is hidden. This can be due to an affair, sexual assault, surrogacy, donated sperm or embryo, or even adoption. Having genealogy research helps in getting to know the biological father.

Seeking help after DNA surprise

Seeking help and support after a DNA surprise is essential. People who have gone through these things understand the situation and offer needed support. However, most often therapy is needed from a qualified therapist. You must look after your parents, spouse, family, friends, and children but given what you are going through right now, you have to put yourself first.

Challenges faced in reaching out to biological family

You may experience a reunion or a rejection. In some cases, even the raising family might reject and there can be a hard time with the spouses if you discover you belong to a different race. Another common experience with Misattributed Parentage Experience is dealing with an identity crisis. This is where genealogy research becomes essential because it allows a person to reconstruct their past and start building a new future with this new identity.

Benefits of having a genealogist for Misattributed Parentage

Once a person learns that their biological past was not what they had previously assumed, they are constantly curious to know more about their past. They want to create those family trees and discover the origins of great-grandma. Understanding your biological genealogy is essential for reestablishing your sense of self. Professionally qualified and experienced genealogists offer DNA consultation and help in identifying birth parents and connecting you with your biological family tree.

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